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If you use remote desktop often to work on your network, you probably have noticed that when working remotely, local files and directories on your computer are not accessible on the terminal server session. You end up e-mailing files you are working on the remote server to your local computer. That is a painstaking task, right? Luckily, remote desktop has an easy solution for this.

When you open Remote Desktop by going to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop:

Click on Options, then click on Local Resources, then click on the More tab, and finally check the box next to Drives.

Click on OK and then click on Connect.  Once on your terminal server session, click on the My Computer icon and the local disk drives on your computer should show up on your terminal server session. It should have the label Disk from Remote Desktop Connection. 

In newer versions of Remote Desktop, it`ll just say the drive letter followed by “on ComputerName” as shown below.

If you don`t have access to the My Computer icon, then click on Start, click on Run and type \\tsclient\C. That is if the directory you want to access on your computer is the C drive, otherwise substitute C for your system specific letter.