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How many times has this happened to you: you set a password on an Excel spreadsheet or workbook and then you forget about it? Or worse, the person that setup the password on the spreadsheet no longer works with you and you have a spreadsheet that you can no longer modify. What do you do? Easy, use Excel Password Remover.

This program does not remove passwords that are set when you open a spreadsheet. If you are unable to open the file because it asks you for a password, this program won`t help you. This program is to remove the password set by the Protect Worksheet or Protect Workbook commands in Excel.

The free version will be able to remove those passwords for Excel 2007 and Excel 2010. To remove passwords from Excel 2013 or Excel 2016, you need to purchase the PRO version, which is currently $28.

Download the free version of Excel password remover from this link The downloaded file should look like this:

Then open your password protected worksheet or workbook. After the password protected sheet is open, click to open the password.xla add-in. You should get a warning like this:

If you get a different message, probably you need to lower your security settings on Excel. If your current settings are High, set them to Medium. After you click on Enable Macros, you will get a pop-up saying the macro is loaded:

After you get the pop-up, in Excel go to Tools, and click on Unprotect workbook and Unprotect sheet. You should get a pop-up window when your spreadsheet has been unprotected:

That`s it, your Excel workbook or spreadsheet should be now unprotected. You should be able to view and edit the contents of the spreadsheet or workbook. For more tips on breaking or cracking an Excel password, make sure to check out my previous post on my sister site.