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Have you ever needed to open, edit, or modify a Microsoft Access database file (MDB), but you didn’t have Microsoft Access on your computer? Microsoft has programs to view Word documents, Excels spreadsheets, and Powerpoint files without having the original software installed, however, they do not have this option for MS Access!

Who knows why, but it’s definitely annoying because there are lots of people that use Microsoft Access databases, but not everybody has Access installed on their PC. Also, some version of Office, like Student and Basic versions, don’t even have Access as an option to install.

MDB Viewer Plus is a nifty freeware program to view Access database (MDB) tables and records without having Microsoft Access installed. But this is not just an MS Access viewer, it also lets you edit, filter, sort, and search MDB files! That’s sweet!

Here are some of the cool features of this program and why every IT Admin should have this program on their USB stick. That’s right, this bad boy runs as a standalone EXE file, so you can open and edit MDB files from any computer. Inline table editing and viewing Supports Access 2000, Access 2003, Access 2007 Accdb files (Must have Microsoft Access database engine 2007 installed, which is a free download) Sort records, filter records, and standard record search Info on table types, table structure and table fields. Ability to print out table structure also. Ability to write standard SQL select statements to query for specific data Ability to export table or SQL query data to TXT, HTML, XML, XLS, DBF, RFT and PDF

This program is basically a mini database development solution, considering you can write queries, edit records, add records, filter and sort records, and even write stored procedures!

The only thing you have to do in order to use this program is to make sure you have Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) installed on your PC. This is usually already the case with most Windows operating systems, but if not, you can click on the download link above to install it.

Overall, it’s a good tool for any IT person because you never know when someone will send you an Access database file that you can’t open because you only have SQL Server installed on your machine thinking you would never have to open a MDB file in your life! Enjoy!