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One of my friends was recently asking me how they could see everything they have ever liked on Facebook. I asked the obvious question, why, and got some convoluted answer about being a friend with someone who is no longer a friend, etc, etc. Anyway, if you want to see all your likes on Facebook, there is an easy way to do this. In this article, I`ll walk you through the steps and also show you some ways to see other data about yourself and your friends.

See All Likes

First log into your account and click on your name to see your Facebook Profile.

You should now be looking at your timeline. Once the Timeline is activated, you`ll see a button called Activity Log right below your cover photo.

Once you click on that, you`ll see a nice “timeline” list of all the activity on Facebook sorted chronologically.

Now you can simply scroll through the list to the time period you are interested in and you`ll see something like “Aseem likes a photo” and you`ll actually be able to see the picture or the status or the page that you liked in the second column to the right.

But wait a minute, you`re probably like that is great, but I have hundreds of items listed and I don`t feel like browsing through a giant list of activity just to find one like! Well, you`re in luck! If you look at the top right corner, you`ll see a little drop down box with the word All in it. This means it`s showing all your activity. If you click on that, you can filter the list to exactly what you want to see!

This is pretty awesome because now you click simply select Likes and you`ll get a list of all your likes broken down by month and year! Sweet! But as you can see from the list, you can also use this to quickly see all your status updates (Your Posts), all status updates from your friends, all comments you have made on Facebook, all photos you uploaded or were tagged in, and lots of other stuff.

I really like the ability to quickly see all the comments I`ve written on Facebook in one place because I`m constantly posting comments on many different walls and this just brings it together nicely in a timeline list. Enjoy!