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If you want to improve your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, a brilliant trick is to add a video to it. Videos, after all, can easily entertain people and increase engagement.

In this post, you will learn how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint. This way, you can embed YouTube videos all you want and always spice up every presentation.

Use The “Search YouTube” Feature

The idea is to add an online video because doing so will make your presentation better. If you don’t know what video to use, just search YouTube for it.

There, you have millions of videos to check out. Luckily, PowerPoint will make this process easy for you because of its built-in feature.

With this feature, you simply have to establish a secure internet connection. Once you have that taken care of, you can begin. First, hit the Windows key and search for PowerPoint. Once it’s there, press enter to launch the app.

Load your presentation and select the slide you want the video to be in. Then go to Insert.

Then focus on the Media category. It’s at the right end of your dashboard. There, find and click Video and choose Online Video…

A window will then pop up. There, you can search for YouTube videos related to your presentation.

Download An Online Video

Another option that allows you to insert videos to your PowerPoint is to go on the internet and search for a video. Then download it to your computer. Once the video is in your computer, you’re set. Now, open your PowerPoint presentation. There, select the PowerPoint slide that will serve as the video’s destination and hit the Insert tab.

Select Video from the dashboard.

Then go with Video on My PC…

A screen will then appear. Here, you can head to your downloaded video’s location. Open that video to load it into your selected slide.

Paste Video URL Or Embed Code

If you don’t want to download a video but still want to use it for your PowerPoint presentation, you can. Just open a browser and start searching for a video.

Here’s what you need to do next. First, copy the URL of the video from YouTube that you want to add to a slide.

Then open your PowerPoint presentation and select the slide where you want to insert your video.

Again, head over to the Insert tab.

Click Video and select Online Video…

Then paste the URL you copied earlier in the YouTube category. Because you picked a YouTube video, you should also go with the YouTube category here.

Another way to insert videos in PowerPoint is to turn to a video’s embed code. Just make sure you copy that instead of the URL.

To copy a YouTube video’s embed code, go to SHARE.

On the pop up screen, select Embed.

Then highlight the code you will see on the next screen. Then click COPY.

Return to your PowerPoint presentation. Again, select the slide where you want the video to be in. Go to the Insert tab.

Choose Video and Online Video…

Now, choose the embed option and paste the embed code there.