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If you`re using a local account to log into Windows 10, it`s probably a good idea to create a password reset disk in case you ever forget your current password. All you need is 5 mins of your time and a spare USB stick. Pretty much everyone has a few of those small USB sticks you get at events or as gifts from banks laying around, etc., so put one of those to good use.

It`s worth noting that you can`t create a password reset disk if you are logging into Windows using your Microsoft account. That kind of makes sense also since it`s an online account and you can reset that password by going Microsoft`s website.

One other thing to remember is that anyone can use the password reset disk to reset your password, so be very careful how you label it and where you keep it. If it gets into the wrong hands, they can lock you out of your own computer. Create Password Reset Disk Windows 10

To get started, open the Control Panel and click on User Accounts. You should see an option on the left called Create a password reset disk. If this option is not available, you are not using a local account to log into Windows.

Make sure you already have your USB drive connected to the computer, otherwise you`ll get an error message. This will start the Forgotten Password Wizard.

Click Next and choose the USB drive you want to use for the password key disk.

Click Next and you`ll have to enter the current Windows password before you can continue.

On the next screen, it will create the reset disk and show you a green progress bar. It should only take a couple of seconds to get to 100%, after which you click Next.

That`s literally it for creating the disk. Click Finish and you now have a password reset disk for Windows 10. I`ll also show you how to use it to reset your password. Use Password Reset Disk

It`s just as easy to use the password reset disk as it is to create it. When you are on the login screen in Windows and enter an incorrect password, you`ll see the option to reset password.

Clicking on that will bring up the Password Reset Wizard. Click Next to continue.

Again, you have to connect your USB drive to the computer and select it from the list.

If everything passes, then you should get to the screen where you can enter in the new password and password hint.

Click Next and you`ll get confirmation that your password has been reset. You should now be able to log into Windows using the new password! Again, make sure to keep the USB drive somewhere safe and don`t use it for anything else. If you have any questions, feel free to comment. Enjoy!